Achieving ISO 9001 Certification: A Milestone for 360 Wheels Ltd

We’re thrilled to share a significant milestone on our quality journey: achieving ISO 9001 certification here at 360 Wheels Ltd. 

What’s ISO 9001 All About?

So, ISO 9001 isn’t just some fancy jargon—it’s a big deal for us and our commitment to making top-notch alloy wheels. It’s all about setting up a solid Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure our products meet the highest standards consistently.

What Did We Do to Get Here?

1. Building Our Quality Management System:

We’ve been hard at work documenting every step of our process—from design and production to testing and delivery. This roadmap ensures that each wheel rolling out of our factory is nothing short of perfection.

2. Keeping Risks in Check:

We’ve got our eyes peeled for potential hiccups in the production cycle. Whether it’s material quality, supply chain snags, or production delays, we’ve got measures in place to keep things smooth sailing.

3. Training Our Team:

Our crew is the heart and soul of 360 Wheels Ltd. That’s why we’ve invested in training programs to ensure everyone knows the drill. Quality objectives, procedures, and their roles within the QMS? They’ve got it covered!

4. Always Improving:

Continuous improvement is our mantra. We’re constantly auditing, reviewing, and tweaking processes to make sure we’re always on top of our game. Your feedback fuels this engine of progress!

5. Paperwork, Anyone?:

Ah, the joys of document control! We’ve got manuals, work instructions, and quality records neatly organized. It’s not just for show—it’s our roadmap to staying ISO 9001 compliant.


Why It Matters to You, Our Customers

  • Trust in Quality: When you choose 360 Wheels, you’re picking wheels that meet rigorous quality standards. ISO 9001 certification is our way of saying, “We’ve got your back!”
  • Smooth Operations, Happy You: Streamlined processes mean fewer hiccups, better resource use, and ultimately, cost savings that we pass on to you.
  • Opening New Doors: With ISO 9001 in our toolkit, we’re ready to explore new horizons. New markets, here we come!
  • Stronger Partnerships: Our suppliers know that working with us means consistent quality. It’s a win-win situation!

So, there you have it—our ISO 9001 certification isn’t just a milestone; it’s a commitment to excellence. Thanks for being a part of our journey as we roll out the best alloy wheels around!