Cast Production

High volume production

From an initial brief and specification a number of designs, and variations of designs, are produced to refine the product.  All technical specifications are checked and 3D / AR renders are produced to assess the aesthetics.

Once approved, the wheel is processed through a number of CAE tests suitable for the intended application such as 13 degree impact, cornering fatigue and radial fatigue.

We can work to all international standards including JWL VIA, TUV, ISO or even a bespoke specification should it be deemed necessary.

Using A356 aluminium, our facilities have low pressure, counter balance and gravity casting machines to suit all requirements.  Flow forming is also available when extended widths and/or reduced weight is needed.

Prior to full scale production all cast wheels are subject to destructive testing.  Minimum standard is JWL VIA and can be upgraded to either customer specifications or local market requirements.

Once casting and CNC is complete, wheels are finished to the customers requirement.  A vast choice of finishes are available including acrylic powder clear coats, candy finishes, brushed and mirror diamond cut.