Forged production and prototype wheels


When you order a set of Forged wheels you are ordering a one-off wheel made exactly for you For every new order our team of designers will prepare

a new set of drawings, there is no generic brake clearances, no generic offsets.

We make our forged wheels for your specific vehicle, and to your requirements whether that’s to maximize concave, dish, or both.

We have a large database of OEM and after-market brake caliper profiles on file so there’s normally no need for you to give us any
off the car brake measurements.

All of our forged wheels are made in our own UK factory from concept to realization.  As well as our own branded product, we also manufacture for a number of prestigious private label brands worldwide.

Our highly trained engineers to have complete control over all aspects of the manufacturing process and gives us extremely quick reaction times to market demands.

With a capacity up to 24″ 1pc forged and 26″ 3pc forged, there are very few competitors that can match our flexibility.

Design & Testing

Once our design team has passed the drawings to our engineering department, the testing process begins.

All dimensions are checked and our engineers use finite element analysis (FEA) software with our own proprietary loading scenario’s to simulate
wheel strength and fatigue life based upon JWL VIA standards.
This ensures our forged wheels will survive way beyond the limits of our nearest competitors.

Raw Forgings

Depending on the needs, we produce wheels from both preselected forgings and solid billets. Made from 6061-T6 aluminium, our wheels range in size from 10″ to 24″ in 1 piece.  A whopping 26″ can be achieved with our 3 piece wheels.

During the design phase, design teams predetermine the forging to minimize waste material, thus reducing production time and reducing by-products (swarf). This helps us to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Machine Time

Taking our carefully selected forging to our lathe is the next step. Mounted onto our in-house design jaws, this chunk of metal will be shaped into the profile requested by the customer. Our next step is to check the forgings thickness, diameter, and overall condition.

We save considerable time and energy by doing the same process on the lathe instead of our CNC machine, exactly where this profiled forging is headed.

Within our CNC mills, the centre of the “pancake” is automatically probed by the latest Renishaw optical technology to find centre-zero with microscopic accuracy. From there the real action begins with each hole, pocket, face, facet and radii being created one by one, beautifully creating the wheels final shape as visualized by our designers.

Prototype and development wheels

Aero slave wheels for wind tunnel testing

Wheel force transducer wheels for tyre testing

Forged wheels for commercial vehicles and heavy trucks 17.5″-22.5″

Forged wheels for HD military, security and runflat applications

Motorsport wheels Rally, Circuit and off-road

Passenger car and SUV wheels up to 26″

Truck wheels up to 32″

Watch it happen: